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Clubs (893)

      Club Name Parish Country  
13 Stars Academic FC (0)Manchester FAJamaica
23 West FC (42)St. Catherine FAJamaica
3360 Degree YFA (156)Manchester FAJamaica
4Aalborg Boldspilklub (0)*Foreign ClubsDenmark
5Aalesunds FK (2)*Foreign ClubsNorway
6Abassian FC (42)Clarendon FAJAMAICA
7Abes FC (0)St. James FAJAMAICA
8ABGC LA (USA) (1)*Foreign Clubs
9Above Rocks FC (58)St. Catherine FAJamaica
10ACE Outsider FC (0)St. Mary FAJamaica
11AD Isidro Metapan (1)*Foreign Clubs
12AIK Stockholm (0)*Foreign ClubsSweden
13Akron Zips (University of Akron) (0)*Foreign ClubsUnited States
14Albany FC (5)St. Mary FAJAMAICA
15Albion FC (209)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
16Albion Mountain FC (3)St. Mary FAJAMAICA
17Albion United (55)Manchester FAJamaica
18Aldershot Town FC (England) (0)*Foreign ClubsUnited Kingdom
19Alexandra United (2)St. Ann FAJamaica
20Alianza Futbol Club (0)*Foreign ClubsEl Salvador
21All Star S & Y.C (0)Trelawny FAJamaica
22Alliance FC (0)St. Mary FAJAMAICA
23Allied Youth FC (1)Manchester FAJamaica
24Alligator Pond SG (181)Manchester FAJamaica
25Allman/Woodford FC (607)KSAFAJamaica
26Alpha United FC (0)*Foreign ClubsGuyana
27Anchovy United FC (70)Portland FAJAMAICA
28Angels United (320)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
29Antigua Barracuda FC (Antiga) (0)*Foreign ClubsAntigua and Barbuda
30Antigua GFC (0)*Foreign ClubsGuatemala
31Appleton Estates (24)St. Elizabeth FAJAMAICA
32Arnett Gardens FC (472)KSAFAJAMAICA
33AS Trencin (0)*Foreign Clubs
34Aston Villa F.C. (0)*Foreign ClubsUnited Kingdom
35Athletic Club Morelos (0)*Foreign ClubsMexico
36Atlanta Silverbacks (USA) (1)*Foreign ClubsUnited States
37Atlanta United FC (1)*Foreign ClubsUnited States
38Atletico Petleos Luanda (Angola) (0)*Foreign Clubs
39August Town FC (448)KSAFAJAMAICA
40Austin Aztex FC (USA) (0)*Foreign ClubsUnited States
41Axum FC (8)St. Mary FAJAMAICA
42Baca Star FC (1)Trelawny FAJamaica
43Bailey & Bailey's FC (15)Clarendon FAJAMAICA
44Bamboo FC (1)Hanover FAJamaica
45Baptista Allaiance (26)St.Thomas FAJAMAICA
46Barbican FC (601)KSAFAJAMAICA
47Barnesley FC England) (0)*Foreign ClubsUnited Kingdom
48Barrett Town (0)St. James FAJamaica
49Bath SC (40)St.Thomas FAJAMAICA
50Bayer 04 Leverkusen FC (1)*Foreign Clubs
51Beacon Hill United FC (155)St. Catherine FAJamaica
52Belair Academy (141)Manchester FAJamaica
53Belle Air Meadow (0)St. Ann FAJamaica
54Belmount FC (0)St. James FAJamaica
55Benbow United FC (177)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
56Benfica FC (38)St. Ann FAJAMAICA
57Berlin Youth Club (2)St.Thomas FAJAMAICA
58Berrydale SC (39)Portland FAJAMAICA
59Bethel United FC (1)Trelawny FAJAMAICA
60Bethlehem Steel FC (1)*Foreign ClubsUnited States
61Better Tomorrow FC (0)St. James FAJamaica
62Beverley FC (0)St. Ann FAJamaica
63Birmingham City (1)*Foreign Clubs
64Black Diamond FC (0)St. James FAJamaica
65Black Diamond FC (0)St. Ann FAJamaica
66Black Lion FC (343)St. Catherine FAJamaica
67Black River Young Strikers (22)St. Elizabeth FAJAMAICA
68Black River Youth Club (28)St. Elizabeth FAJAMAICA
69Black Rock FC (0)Portland FAJAMAICA
70Black Star Falklands (0)St. Ann FAJamaica
71Black Star FC (43)Clarendon FAJamaica
72Black Star FC (11)St. Elizabeth FAJamaica
73Blackpool FC (142)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
74Blackpool FC (England) (1)*Foreign Clubs
75Blair High FC (19)Manchester FAJamaica
76Blue Diamond FC (0)St. Ann FAJamaica
77Blue Mountain FC (73)Manchester FAJamaica
78Bodens Bandyklubb (Sweden) (0)*Foreign Clubs
79Bodles FC (287)St. Catherine FAJamaica
80Bogue FC (0)St. James FAJamaica
81Bogue United (0)St. Elizabeth FAJAMAICA
82Bolton Wanderers FC (England) (2)*Foreign Clubs
83Boundbrook United (35)Portland FAJamaica
84Bournemouth FC (England) (0)*Foreign Clubs
85Boy`s Club (0)St. James FAJAMAICA
86Boy`s Town FC (414)KSAFAJAMAICA
87Bradford City (England) (0)*Foreign Clubs
88Braes River FC (0)St. Elizabeth FAJAMAICA
89Braeton FC (120)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
90Brazil FC (3)St. Ann FAJAMAICA
91Breastworks FC (58)Portland FAJAMAICA
92Breaton FC (110)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
93Brentford FC (England) (1)*Foreign Clubs
94Bridgeport FC (108)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
95Bristol City FC (England) (1)*Foreign Clubs
96Brondby IF (1)*Foreign Clubs
97Brooklyn Italians (USA) (0)*Foreign Clubs
98Brooklyn Knights (USA) (0)*Foreign Clubs
99Brown`s Town FC (462)KSAFAJamaica
100Brown`s Town Utd (1)St. Ann FAJamaica
101Bucknor United (92)Clarendon FAJAMAICA
102Buff Bay United (104)Portland FAJAMAICA
103Bull Bay FC (466)KSAFAJamaica
104Bunkers Hill So Fresh (0)Trelawny FAJamaica
105Burnley FC (England) (0)*Foreign Clubs
106Burnt Ground PYC (4)St. Elizabeth FAJAMAICA
107Burton Albion (England) (1)*Foreign Clubs
108Bury FC (England) (0)*Foreign Clubs
109Bushy Park FC (19)Clarendon FAJamaica
110Cambridge SC (0)St. James FAJamaica
111Cambridge United FC (England) (0)*Foreign Clubs
112Cardiff City (England) (0)*Foreign Clubs
113Carlisle United FC (0)*Foreign Clubs
114Carolina Dynamo (usa) (0)*Foreign Clubs
115Catherine Hall FC (1)St. James FAJAMAICA
116Cavalier SC (403)KSAFAJAMAICA
117Cayman Brac FC (0)*Foreign ClubsCayman Islands
118Caymanas Gardens FC (102)St. Catherine FAJamaica
119CD Águila (0)*Foreign Clubs
120CD Dragon (0)*Foreign Clubs
121CD Luis Angel Firpo (0)*Foreign ClubsEl Salvador
122CD Universidad de El Salvador (0)*Foreign ClubsEl Salvador
123Cedar Grove Estate (186)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
124Cedar Grove FC (0)Manchester FAJamaica
125Central Coast Mariners (Australia) (0)*Foreign Clubs
126Central FC (0)Hanover FAJAMAICA
127Central Florida Kraze (usa) (4)*Foreign Clubs
128Central Kingston FC (473)KSAFAJAMAICA
129Central United FC (84)Manchester FAJamaica
130Chalky Hill Utd (0)St. Ann FAJamaica
131Chamber Pen FC (0)Westmoreland FAJamaica
132Champion FC (0)St. James FAJAMAICA
133Chantilly Forever (1)Westmoreland FAJamaica
134Chapelton Maroons (16)Clarendon FAJamaica
135Chareston Battery (USA) (2)*Foreign Clubs
136Charlotte Eagles SC (0)*Foreign ClubsUnited States
137Charlotte Independence (0)*Foreign ClubsUnited States
138Charlton Athletic (England) (0)*Foreign Clubs
139Chatteau Progressive (41)Clarendon FAJAMAICA
140Chelsea FC (England) (0)*Foreign Clubs
141Cherry Tree F.C (28)Clarendon FAJAMAICA
142Cheshire Hall FC (0)*Foreign ClubsTurks and Caicos Islands
143Chesterfield FC (England) (0)*Foreign Clubs
144Chicago Fire (0)*Foreign ClubsUnited States
145Chivas (USA) (0)*Foreign Clubs
146Christian Pen FC (194)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
147Christiana Academy (122)Manchester FAJamaica
148Church Pen FC (114)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
149Cincinnati Kings (USA) (3)*Foreign Clubs
150Clandon Strikers (69)Manchester FAJamaica
151Claremont Fc (0)Hanover FAJAMAICA
152Claremont Utd. (0)St. Ann FAJamaica
153Clarks Town FC (23)Trelawny FAJAMAICA
154Classic Utd (0)Trelawny FAJAMAICA
155Club Balonmano Puerto Sagunto (0)*Foreign Clubs
156Club Deportivo guila (0)*Foreign ClubsEl Salvador
157Club Deportivo Futbolistas (El Salvador) (0)*Foreign Clubs
158Club Stars FC (0)St. James FAJamaica
159Cobbla Gully Strikers (34)Manchester FAJamaica
160Cockpit F.C (60)Clarendon FAJAMAICA
161Coffalls F.C (45)Clarendon FAJAMAICA
162Colchester FC (England) (0)*Foreign Clubs
163Colorado Foxes FC (0)*Foreign Clubs
164Colorado Rapids (USA) (1)*Foreign Clubs
165Columbus Crew (USA) (1)*Foreign Clubs
166Comfort FC (353)Manchester FAJamaica
167Comfort FC. (52)Clarendon FAJamaica
168Commodore SC (58)Portland FAJamaica
169Connecticut Huskies (USA) (0)*Foreign Clubs
170Constant Spring FC (525)KSAFAJAMAICA
171Coopers Pen FC (0)Trelawny FAJAMAICA
172Cooreville Gardens FC (506)KSAFAJAMAICA
173Copperwood Striker (0)St. James FAJAMAICA
174Coral Spring (USA) (1)*Foreign Clubs
175Corners FC (0)St. Ann FAJamaica
176Cottage Pen FC (0)St.Thomas FAJAMAICA
177Coventry City F.C. (England) (0)*Foreign Clubs
178Cowes Sports FC(England) (0)*Foreign Clubs
179Crawley Town FC (0)*Foreign ClubsUnited Kingdom
180Cray Wanderers FC (0)*Foreign ClubsUnited Kingdom
181Creative Strikers (0)Manchester FAJamaica
182Crewe Alexandra (England) (0)*Foreign Clubs
183Cross Road Youth Club (0)St. Mary FAJAMAICA
184Cross United (71)Clarendon FAJAMAICA
185Crosskeys FC (94)Manchester FAJamaica
186Crystal Palace (England) (1)*Foreign Clubs
187Crystal Palace Baltimore (USA) (0)*Foreign Clubs
188Cumberland FC (296)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
189D.B.Basovak FC (302)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
190D.C. Academy (0)St. Ann FAJamaica
191D.C. United (1)*Foreign ClubsUnited States
192Daniel Town FC (0)Trelawny FAJAMAICA
193Danvers Pen FC (33)St.Thomas FAJAMAICA
194Dayton Dutch Lions (0)*Foreign ClubsUnited States
195Daytona FC (212)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
196DC Strikers (122)Manchester FAJamaica
197Defenders (0)St. James FAJAMAICA
198Dela Vega FC (276)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
199Delaware Dynasty (0)*Foreign ClubsUnited States
200Delta Force FC (40)St.Thomas FAJAMAICA
201Deportivo Petare Fútbol Club (0)*Foreign ClubsVenezuela
202Derby County (0)*Foreign ClubsUnited Kingdom
203Des Moinres Meance (1)*Foreign Clubs
204Dixie SC (1)*Foreign ClubsCanada
205Doncaster Rovers (1)*Foreign ClubsUnited Kingdom
206Downs FC (211)Manchester FAJAMAICA
207Drapers United FC (0)Portland FAJAMAICA
208DRC United (0)St. Elizabeth FAJAMAICA
209Dromilly FC (0)Trelawny FAJAMAICA
210Duanvale FC (30)Trelawny FAJAMAICA
211Duhaney Park FC (521)KSAFAJAMAICA
212Dunaujvaros PASE (0)*Foreign Clubs
213Dunbar's River FC (0)Westmoreland FAJamaica
214Dunbeholden FC (197)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
215Durham United FA (0)*Foreign ClubsCanada
216Eagle Strikers FC (108)Portland FAJAMAICA
217East Portmore Portals FC (333)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
218Eastleigh FC (1)*Foreign ClubsUnited Kingdom
219Ebony Star FC (29)Clarendon FAJAMAICA
220Edge Comb FC (0)Westmoreland FAJamaica
221Edgewater FC (188)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
222Elliston FC (18)Manchester FAJamaica
223Eltham Park FC (283)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
224Eltham Sports Club (0)St. Ann FAJAMAICA
225Emmanuel Strikers (47)Clarendon FAJAMAICA
226Ensome FC (325)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
227Epping Forest FC (0)St. Elizabeth FAJAMAICA
228Epping Forest FC (13)Manchester FAJamaica
229ETO FC Győr (0)*Foreign ClubsHungary
230Ewarton FC (203)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
231Exchange Utd. (2)St. Ann FAJAMAICA
232Exeter City FC (0)*Foreign ClubsUnited Kingdom
233Exidus FC (2)Trelawny FAJAMAICA
234Extra Flex FC (0)Westmoreland FAJamaica
235F.C Technical (46)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
236F.C. Diablo FC (38)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
237Falkland FC (0)St. Ann FAJAMAICA
238Falklands Hotspurs (0)St. Ann FAJamaica
239Famous FC (2)St. Ann FAJAMAICA
240Famous FC (0)Clarendon FAJAMAICA
241Farm United (72)St. Catherine FAJAMAICA
242Faulkland FC, (0)St. James FAJamaica
243FC Dalla (0)*Foreign ClubsUnited States
244FC Futuro (0)St. Ann FAJamaica
245FC Harlem (USA) (5)*Foreign Clubs
246FC Indiana (3)*Foreign ClubsUnited States
247FC Liefering (0)*Foreign ClubsAustria

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